Valentine Day Washi Tape Love

Japanese washi style masking tapes add fun and unique touches to handmade craft projects. Reposition the washi style masking tape to your liking without leaving residue on your lovely gift or packaging.

Made with LoveMade with love print on washi style masking tape shows off the tender loving care put into crafting your handmade project.

Red White HeartRed hearts on a white background make this washi style masking tape a classic Valentine favorite for crafting lovely projects and packaging.

Red Heart TapeSmall white hearts on a red background washi style masking tape on packaging or cards signal red hot love.

Orange Heart WashiOrange hearts and white polka dots mingle on orange masking tape for washi style fun. The happy orange color paired with love hearts and fun polka dots are perfect for your creative crafting.

Heart Cloud WashiCloud 9 or nine is an idiom for elation and happiness. The fluffy clouds and retro hearts on this Japanese washi style masking tape will add even more good feelings to your packaging.


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